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Table Mate - II(PRO)

Table Mate Pro

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Table Mate

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Table Mate Platinum

Table Footrest

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Table Mate - Portable, Folding & Adjustable

Table mate is one of the most useful furniture which can be used in our daily life. When we think of the term furniture, the very old design and ways of structuring comes to our mind. Tablemate differs from all of these in many matters. Many activities are possible using table mate 2 because of its flexibility. The flexibility is achieved by providing adjustment space from top to bottom of the object. You can adjust its height in a matter of seconds, by adjusting screws. If you fall short of space to keep this table in your home, you can place it underneath any of the sofa or furniture you use.

Table Mate Platinum

  • The hot selling mate now comes with footrest called as Table Mate Platinum.
  • It is yet another quality product help you to adjust your legs while sitting and gives more confort to you and your kids.
  • It includes two strong footrest rods that you can adjust according to your comfort.
  • Lets enjoy the quality and easiness with this table available in all 13 colors and remember, beware of fake sellers who are selling duplicate products.


  • Laptop folding table
  • Reading table
  • Drawing table
  • Card table
  • Patio tray table
  • Study desk
  • Writing table
  • For board games
  • Outdoor tray table
  • Serving table

Benifits !

  • Table Mate India is suitable for everyone due its adjustability in shape. It gives plenty of relaxation to our spine when at work.
  • The structure of this table is excellently designed and it perfectly fits to every home and the size of all rooms.
  • The pulling of ordinary tables make cause scratch to your expensive flooring of the houses, but with this table that problem never occurs.
  • Another great functional thing with table mate is that it is available in multiple colours and any where in India including metro cities as well villages.

Imported Table Mate 2

People always look for their comfort zone in every things old or new. The table holds many attributes to its credit. It has perhaps been the most advertised product over the internet, due to its features it has got a huge acclaim everywhere. Let us check its attributes one by one.

  • Brilliantly designed to suit every home & size of the room.
  • Table mate can take the form of different shapes such as it can be a writing table, an eating desk, or a laptop table in matters of seconds.
  • The top slides to the horizontal position for easy, convenient use.
  • Can be folded into compact form and kept under sofa or store room.
  • Can be assembled in two minutes without using any device.


Table mate can be pulled very near to the sofa set we are sitting. The entire body of table is made up of hard plastic, that is nearly strong as woods. The lower portion of the table has a bend and that allow it to come near the place we sit. It enables us to sit so effortlessly and do the things we like.

  • Can be cleaned easily & is durable.
  • Tough rectangular metallic body without cross braces.
  • The lipped edge stops pens or pencils rolling off and with its polypropylene top it is very easy to wipe clean.
  • Lightweight but very sturdy - holds up to 22.70 kg (50 lbs).

Extra Features

  • Gap between legs - 46 cm (18.25 ins).
  • Adjusts to 6 heights - from 55.8 cm (22 ins) to 73.5 cm (29 ins).
  • Remove the legs easily by pushing out the push pins for easy storage.
  • Adjust to fit body size, activity or chair.
  • Perfect for dinner in front of the TV, games, laptop children’s drawing or craftwork Also, storing the table is easy just fold it put it besides your sofa or bed.
  • Height Adjustable: 56cm - 73cm.
  • Surface Dimensions: (W) 52cm x (L) 39cm.
  • Weight: 2.3kg.
  • Table Mate Color: White.
  • Model: Table-Mate II.

Some F.A.Qs

What is it made of ?
The Table Mate India top is made of plastic; the legs and angle brackets are of aluminum. The entire assembly is white. It is very light-weight. There are no sharp edges, nothing that will scratch your floors or tear your carpets.